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LX-IP Internal matrix to 192/192 channels of input/output: 2 x 64/64 channels of input/output Ravenna-AES67 64/64 channels of play/record on PC PTP slave/GrandMaster OS: Windows & Linux Drivers for Windows: WDM – Linux : Alsa

2-8 channel mic pre w/processing and AoIP in/out

Ravenna/AES67 module for DHD systems .Compatible withLivewire+

Mic <-> AoIP Gateway

AES/EBU <-> AoIP Gateway

Analog <-> AoIP Gateway

SDI <-> AoIP Gateway

Monitor selector with AoIP, AES and Analogue input

Mixing audio monitor: Ravenna and MADI input.

Simple audio monitor: Ravenna and MADI input.